The Roundhouse Street Circus

During a 3 year period I directed and produced a 25 minute documentary following an urban performing arts initiative, this is the abridged 5 minute version edited by Joseph Hallgate. The film secured further funding from private investors to continue the work.

Screened at the Cinedans – Dance on Screen 2018 film festival in The Netherlands.

“Following the example of the Columbian project Circa por Todos, several artists established the Roundhouse Street Circus. Inspired by the street culture of North London, the circus school is an unusual place.Youth who feel stuck or simply looking for an outlet are invited to use their excess energies to develop and discover new talents. The documentary looks back at the beginning and consequent development of Roundhouse whilst following some of the youth that have taken part in the programme.” – Cinedans website

Role: Director / DOP / Producer

Client: The Roundhouse / Arts Council England


Screened at Cinedans in The Netherlands