Fake Laugh – Exotic Bird

state51 approached me to direct Fake Laugh’s live performance in the warehouse in Shoreditch, we ambitiously filmed 2 full tracks played live in one afternoon after building and lighting the set with the production team at state51 and Mads Junker helming the DOP department once more. In pre-production, Muna Ileiwat (Head of video production at state51) and I wanted a lounge bar atmosphere with Lynchian overtones parodying the ‘Dining Alone’ EP title.

We shot on FS7’s due to both their reliability, picture quality and how silent they run during recording (Never using RED’s again for live music production!). We also used a Zeiss Contax Prime set shooting as open as possible and internal 1/4 ND’s.

I decided to shoot a mix of handheld and tripod to be able to match the pace of the music when we got to the edit using handheld momentum and still or gently panning shots.

Role: Producer / Director

DOP: Mads Juncker

Client: The state51 Conspiracy